Election 2015: Manufacturing our Future

For the sake of the economy, there must be a manufacturing strategy to ensure Canada's future prosperity. Check out our report of manufacturing priorities each political party will implement if elected on October 19th.

It's time to Stand up for Manufacturing

Let's double manufacturing output by 2030. We need your support! By signing our petition, you will be sending a clear message to federal and provincial politcal leaders alike that manufacturing and exporting matter to you and to Canadians.




Results of the 2014 Management Issues Survey

The results from the 2014 Management Issues survey are in. Compiled by Canadian Manufacturees & Exporters in August and September, 803 firms responded leading to the publication which paints a picture of the state of industry in Canada.

Manufacturing our future 2014: A preliminary report

In response to the trends and challenges outlined in the 2014 Management Issues Survey, CMC has drafted a preliminary set of recommendations for government to support development of a manufacturing action plan in Canada.


Committed to manufacturing our future

Roughly 50 national industry associations. More than 100,000 companies repesented. One voice. We are the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition.



Your one-stop shop for economic data and trend analysis

Canadian Manufacturing Coalition's economic dashboard provides you with the lastest economic data and trend analysis.


Canada's Food and Consumer Product Manufacturers

The companies that make the food, beverage and household products you use and trust every day. A strong Canadian industry worth backing.

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