Make your voice heard – Management Issues Survey 2016

The world of manufacturing and exporting is undergoing a transformation. Innovation and new technologies have not only changed the nature of industrial activity in Canada, they have dramatically altered the very definition of what it means to be a manufacturer.

At the same time, Canadian businesses are struggling with profound economic uncertainty. Lower oil prices, exchange rate and equity market volatility, a slowing global economy, and new government policies aimed at pricing carbon are all impacting business and casting a shadow over future investment plans.

To effectively meet these challenges, we must first understand the core priorities of businesses and explore their outlook for the future.

Join Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) and the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition, as well as our partners Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), BDO Canada LLP, Bombardier and Tenaris in developing a common vision and strategy for the future of Canadian manufacturing and global business.

Our bi-annual Management Issues Survey asks you about your company’s current operations, your top challenges, and how you are addressing them in the current business environment. We want to know about the issues that are keeping organizations from growing, becoming more innovative, attracting and retaining skilled employees, and reaching new markets.

Your responses are central to informing our engagement strategies with governments as we work to build a world-class business environment for Canadian industry and strengthen our ability to compete globally.

This year we need your support more than ever. CME has undertaken an ambitious initiative called Industrie 2030. Its goal is to create a roadmap to double value-added manufacturing output and exports in Canada by 2030. The Management Issues Survey is a critical component of that initiative. Survey results will be published in combination with our Industrie 2030 action plan during Manufacturing Month in October.

Please help us help you by filling out the survey and sharing it with your network. The survey will take only 30 minutes to complete and your responses will be held strictly confidential. The deadline for completion is August 15, 2016. By submitting your email address, you will receive a copy of the follow-up report when it is published later this year.

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