Online petition in support of Canadian manufacturing
Let’s double manufacturing output by 2030!

Since the founding of our country, Canada’s manufacturers and exporters have been vital contributors to the wealth and economic well-being of all Canadians. Today the sector employs more than 1.7 million Canadians.  It represents more than 11 per cent of all economic activity in the country.  And, it accounts for two-thirds of all of Canada’s exports. The economic spinoffs of manufacturing generate millions more high-paying jobs across Canada.

After a decade of intense competition, volatile exchange rates, the mega-recession, and a frustratingly slow economic recovery, Canada’s manufacturers and exporters are now gearing up to invest in their people and the new products, processes, and technologies that are essential to drive economic growth.

But, Canada’s manufacturers face significant challenges.  Escalating tax and regulatory costs, higher energy costs, an insufficiently skilled labour pool, and a less than competitive business environment for customers and investment are some of the obstacles that limit their ability to reach their full growth potential.

It’s time to Stand up for Manufacturing! Let’s remove the obstacles to growth. Let’s aim to double manufacturing production and Canada’s value added exports by 2030!

With your support, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters and the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition will work with governments to set the right conditions to support manufacturing growth and double manufacturing output and exports over the next 15 years.

Our Objectives:

  1. Business Environment. Lower manufacturers operating costs by reducing the tax and regulatory compliance burden, as well as the cost of energy and our improve logistics infrastructure.
  2. Investment. Strengthen investment policies through tax initiatives and other financial measures that encourage investment in new capital and machinery and equipment.
  3. Innovation. Encourage risk taking and commercialization by improving direct funding programs for new technology adoption and modernizing the SR&ED tax credit system.
  4. Skills. Align the education system with industry needs and support industry-driven training initiatives.
  5. Business Opportunities. Expand our domestic and international customer base by leveraging opportunities through the development of Canada’s natural resources and strategic government procurement, as well as connecting businesses to new customer bases created through Canada’s free trade agreements.

We need your support. It’s time to Stand up for Manufacturing.

By signing our petition, you will be sending a clear message to federal and provincial political leaders alike that manufacturing and exporting matter to you and to Canadians.